Monday, April 4, 2016

10 on Tuesday - Namaste

By nature I'm a pretty calm person. It takes a lot for me to come unhinged but when it happens - it's usually kinda ugly. So before that does happen I try and calm myself down. Here are My 10 Favorite Ways to Calm Down. 

1. Light one of my favorite candles. And turn the lights down a bit. 
2. Knit. Sometimes. I usually need to be in a calm state to actually knit. Weird, huh?
3. Watch TV. Sometimes I just need a good old rerun to relax the nerves. 
4. Have some ice cream. Usually while doing #3. 
5. Take a walk. I need to after the ice cream. 
6. Listen to a podcast. It can distract me from my stress. 
7. Check social media. Another good distraction. 
8. Call my mom. She gets to hear me rant. She's a good listener.
9. Spin. I can't even explain how calming it is. I have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. 
10. Pray. It works. Every time. 

How do you calm down?  Please share with and link up with Carole!


Bridget said...

I am glad to see that someone included prayer on their list. Sometimes that is the only thing that can do the trick for me ...

karen said...

praying does work! I do mindless games on my phone, I talk to a lot of people. Love your list Donna and I hope you are rarely briefly stressed out.

Bonny said...

Ice cream is a perfect stress-reliever (when it's warm outside, which isn't this week)!

Carole Julius said...

Great suggestions! Calling my mom always helped me, too. Now I just talk to her in my head instead!

AsKatKnits said...

Really great suggestions!

kathy b said...

Love your list. Candles do help.
I'd add to mine: swimming
shutting out all noise
a glass of wine

Amy said...

Great components to bringing the calm back! And prayer...definitely prayer...that's a running thread after most of my ways to calm down, too.


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