Thursday, March 31, 2016

Random Thursday

Good morning.  My thoughts are all over the place this morning and you get to share in the craziness in my head.  Fun?  Maybe not.  But here goes.

I have to conduct interviews at work today.  Did I mention that I hate interviewing people?  I can usually tell in the first 2 minutes if they are a good fit for the front office.  The rest is idle chit chat.  

I was surprised at how warm it was today.  I hear the cold is coming back this weekend.  But instead of complaining about it I'll embrace my winter woolens for hopefully the last time and enjoy the wood stove.

I'm loving my mason jar sippy cup.  It's a jar that we bought tomato sauce in.  they sell the tops and the straws at Walmart for about $1.  Works for me.

We are hooked on Nurse Jackie and are on season 3.  I'm wondering what to get into next.  House of Cards I hear is a good one.  

We have a quiet weekend coming up.  Perhaps we can take a nice drive somewhere.

Go enjoy the day!


Carole Julius said...

Hurrah for quiet weekends! We have a busy Sunday but Friday and Saturday look relaxing. House of Cards is great. We just started watching Call the Midwife and we are really enjoying that.

kathy b said...

Awww. Nurse Jackie....I may have to watch. We just began West wing this january!
I love the glass jar. My daughter is in knoxville and they have a coffee shop called the BLUE Mason and they serve their coffee in blue mason jars.

Seajaes said...

I love interviewing. Almost makes me want to go back to work

Chrisknits b said...

Even though the outside temps have been up in the high 60's, the inside temps are still chilly. I am enjoying wearing my hand knits, and still knitting warm woolies, so I sure do not mind!

elns said...

I like the plastic storage caps for my mason jars. i shovel food in there and I'm also using them to make my own vanilla extract, 'cause why not? Sorry about the interviews. I hope you find a good fit, fast!

Anonymous said...

Definitely House of Cards! We have yet to watch any episodes this season. We're trying to find a block of time to be able to watch several at a time.

karen said...

I haven't seen Nurse Jackie...must check that one out. Funny about the interview process how you just know who is a fit and who isn't.


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