Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

I forgot to post the annual visiting deer picture from the weekend yesterday.  We even saw a buck but I didn't get a picture of him.  He was gorgeous.  Anyway - onto business.  Another 10 on Tuesday is upon us and I thought I would have to think for a bit on this one.  Turns out I didn't.  It's actually kinda easy to find 10 Ways to Serve Others:

1.  Knit for others.  You can bet I will be knitting those birds nests!  
2.  You can even donate some your hand spun (or stash that you may not really want anymore) to somebody so they can do the knitting and donate it.
3.  My friend Robyn was telling us this past weekend about how she goes on mission trips to the Dominican Republic.  She is leaving again in February.  The living conditions there are "interesting" and I have to admit that I don't know if I could do it.
4.  If you are like me you could always donate money to people going on those missionary trips.  Robyn sells soaps and lotions (she doesn't have a website yet) and half of the proceeds go to funding those trips for her and others.
5.  Donate some time to organizations like scouting.  My nieces Girl Scout troop is coming here for a field trip to see how boats are built. It will take an hour or two but they will get to earn a badge for it. And I must say this is easier than when I was the leader.  Those were some crazy days!
6.  Sing!  We had a wonderful couple from Hawaii sing for us this past weekend after Mass and they were so sweet.  Disclaimer: if I sing it may not be considered a donation - it may be considered torture.
7.  With the snow coming it would be nice to make sure the older people in your neighborhood have a safe path to their driveway.  And to the mailbox.
8.  Food donations are always welcome.  Especially at your local soup kitchen.
9.  It's not to early to consider adopting a family for the holidays.  My husbands company did this last month and the reaction from the family was enough to make the holiday.  Their teenage son kept saying "but they don't even know us - why did they buy all these things?"  They truly appreciated it. And hopefully it will instill a spirit of giving in those children.
10.  Clean up.  Take things you no longer use and donate them.  I have some old toys that Nicole doesn't use and aren't in her "saving for my future children" pile (we saved her American Girls, some of the Little People toys) that I will give to some friends who have daycares. 


Bonny said...

You've created an interesting and varied list; I especially like the bird nests. I signed up for the newsletter and hope to be knitting some nests along with you in 2016. Thanks for the link!

Carole Julius said...

Great ideas. I can donate my handspun? Tell me more!

AsKatKnits said...

Great list!

And, just so you know - making a joyful noise is all that is required. I remind people of this all the time!


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