Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Friday

We are having the most wonderful Fall season here that  you can't help but take a walk.  Here was my view Tuesday.  

Who's got fun plans for the weekend?  I'll raise my hand. Saturday will be the usual catch-up day. You know - errands, laundry, straightening up. Not much fun, eh? 

Sunday will be the New England Fiber Festival.  I need absolutely nothing but I feel like it's my knitterly duty to go.  Maybe I'll catch some of you there?

Don't forget about the Swap if you're interested in signing up!  


karen said...

you and your fiber festivals! I wish I was there to go along with day! and maybe we could drag a few other blogging buddies and go as a knitting posse (hope that is spelled right because it looks so wrong).

Patty said...

I may see you! Was going Saturday but that's been bumped to possibly Sunday. I'll keep my eyes open for you!

Janet said...

Love your photo, such a pretty place to walk. Have fun at the fiber festival.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Do you have my room all ready as I really think you need me to move in, I can cook and clean, then I can hang out with you on the weekends.
Have fun.

Lisa said...

I'll raise my hand! I'm at the Oregon coast with my family, woke early this rainy Saturday morning and am sitting by the propane powered fireplace sipping coffee and catching up with my blog friends. Today looks to be a slow day with lots of knitting and snuggles with my granddaughters. :) Hope you have a fun time at the fiber fest!


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