Monday, November 9, 2015

A New Week

One of the things I enjoy about the New England Fiber Festival is the animals.  

We have a jail break in process right here.  This little guy thought he could chew his way out.  

These are some serious knitting needles.  

Of course there was fiber and yarn in abundance.  Three Ravens had a packed house.  I was so tempted to get one of her gradient sets but I already have two at home that I need to do something with.  

Who wants one of these trees in their yard?  I would be happy with a yarn tree!

And this was my big purchase.  A pound of cormo.  I'll wash and card this little one myself in the Spring.  Look at that crimp!  I bought some stitch markers and a tiny scissor but that was about it. I totally behaved myself.  Are you surprised?

And with that nice shot of fiber happiness I am ready to face a new week.  How was your weekend?


Bonny said...

Good behavior like yours deserves a yarn reward! I wish I had a yarn tree (that really is a great display idea)!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

That is some will power you have, I would have totally blown my budget!
I now think I need to see about building a yarn tree, I love it!

Lisa said...

I agree with Tracey about your will power! Love the yarn tree and think one would look great in my studio. :)
Have a good week!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh - I think every skein of that yarn would have come home with me! My charge card would have been on overload - LOL!

Linda in VA

elns said...

I love the photo where he's looking up through the fence. ugh. Too cute with those big eyes!

steph said...

I'm inspired just looking at your photos....and heaving a huge sigh of relief that I wasn't there. I'm counting all the $$$$ I saved!

karen said...

love the photos and I'd have trouble walking out with nothing...however, I like to buy something whenever I go to a festival :)


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