Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

A lot of people participate in daily blogging during the month of November - NaBloPoMo.  I haven't done it myself for a few years and it can be quite challenging.  I think the key to success for me was to take a lot of pictures.  I can pretty much write about anything - I can't promise it will be interesting, but I can write.  

For those who are participating next month here are 10 helpful ideas:

1.  Monday is usually for what I did over the weekend.  I may have to get more creative if I'm blogging over the weekend though.
2.  Tuesday is usually "Ten on Tuesday".  That's an easy one!
3.  I write about what I'm knitting and reading on Wednesday.
4.  On Thursdays I will sometimes (and I'm noticing I haven't done it in a while) post "Currents" which is what I'm currently listening to, reading, watching, wearing, etc....
5.  Friday you can post your favorite picture or highlight of the week.  
6.  I like to post 3 random things from the week.  That may be good for over the weekend.  Or just when I can't find anything else to write about.
7.  Since I may find it hard to write about my weekend on Mondays I am thinking of posting 3 goals for the week.  
8.  Later in the week I can update and report how I did on those goals.  
9.  Food.  Especially during November.  That's an easy one.
10.  There are Thankful Thursdays as well but I'm not real good at coming up with new things after all these years.  I'll have to think about that one.

So am I going to participate during November?  I thinks so.  I think it will prompt me to take more photos and that's always a good thing.  And who knows how creative I can be?

Join Carole to get some more great blogging ideas.  


Carole Julius said...

I think I'm in! Great ideas. You can do it!

Patty said...

Come on in and join the party! :-)

Kim in Oregon said...

I agree that Mondays are hard especially if you were posting on the weekend! Great ideas here!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Daily blogging, sounds like a fun idea. I have discovered now that I am on Instagram that my blogging has slipped, [like so many others] and then when life is sad I have a hard time posting, but I love my space and visiting others so I will have to make a better effort. :)

Susan said...

I'm going to make an effort to blog daily next month, after years of not even trying (and some years of trying and failing - I'm sure at some point I did succeed, probably 2004, lol). Try it! You're in good company, lots of encouraging voices here.


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