Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekending - The Fast Version

Another fast weekend went by but it was jam packed with lots of action
Saturday was a bit of knitting 
And some shopping
Along with hanging out with the parents and having a drink at one of our fun spots
Sunday we were up early and out the door to take my Dad to the New England Dragway
I hadn't been to the drag races since I was a kid 
My dad raced for years when we were little but got out of it as us kids grew up

One of my favorite races was this between these two Camaros
I was partial to the old one on the left because I had one just like it in white
I didn't think it was much of a match with the brand new one on the right
The old Camaro won the race though
Who says new is better?

How was your weekend?

Joining Karen


Tracey ~ Clover said...

The weekends to go by pretty fast, even with me adding
an extra day in every week.
I have never been to a car race, but there is one about 45 minutes away that
I might have to visit.
Have a great week Donna.

Nichole Burke said...

We need to get over to the dragway sometime... we raced at NHMS before the Cup race yesterday. By the way, if your Dad likes to watch the Legends, they are having the 2015 World Finals for the road course at NHMS Oct 16-19... literally Legends teams from all over the world! Should be fun. We have other dates at NHMS coming up too if interested... :)

Lisa said...

Fun!! I had a 68 Chevelle during high school and sure do wish I had kept it! Have you seen car prices lately? A friend's brother owned a 68 Camero (my dream car) that he offered to sell me back in the late 80s...should've bought it. :) We haven't been to the races in forever.
Happy Monday, Donna!
xo Lisa

Carole Julius said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I bet it was hot at the races, though.

elns said...

How cool is that? I love that there was a battle of the Cameros!

karen said...

I've never been to a car race (a horse race though, does that count??) Glad you had fun with your parents :) Looks like a nice weather day but I bet it was hot !


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