Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Every year I take vacation between Christmas and New Years.  I end up going into the office to check on things and get payroll done, but for the most part it's my downtime - my "staycation" if you will.  Carole asked what our favorite things to do on staycations were so here we go: 10 Favorite Things To Do on Staycation - Summer Style.

1.  Relax and read with my coffee for an extended amount of time in the morning.  I do this on most mornings but on vacation there is no time limit.
2.  Go to the beach.  I tend to stay away from the beach on the weekends so vacation is a perfect time to go and avoid the crowds.
3.  Sit outside and knit or spin for an extended amount of time.  Again - no time limit.
4.  Visit new towns.  We have only lived in New England for 18  years and there is so much we haven't seen so day trips are great for that.
5.  Go fishing.  Again - same as the beach - less crowds (if you are fishing from the shore at least).
6.  Go to the drive in movies.
7.  Go to an outdoor amusement park.  When I was growing up we had a place called Adventureland and it was great.  A small amusement park with fun rides and lots of games.  My grandparents took us often.  I wish I could find a spot like that up here.  6 Flags is way too big for me.  8.  Go to the zoo.  As long as it's not too hot.
9.  Check out the local hiking trails.  We have so many around here that I still have not seen.
10.  Make my To Do List and tackle it.  It usually consists of projects around the house or errands to run (maybe some shopping) but I love having that extra time to do it

What do you like to do on Staycation?  Share over at Caroles!


Karen said...

Great list - similar to mine. We tend to forget about the great trails in our area and only seek out ones when we vacation. Staycations give us time to explore locally.

elns said...

The morning knit and coffee with no time limit and knitting outside. I really do love and value those two things so much.

Great list, I might just have to make one.

Honoré said...

A drive -in movie! It has been decades since I attended one of those! Closest we have here (Wash DC ) - movies at the Smithsonian Mall…gotta take a blanket or a chair, tho.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

You and I have the same loves for a staycation. I am not a fan of crowds either so I try to avoid them.
Beach? Oh yes!

Lydia said...

Go to a drive in movie-I haven't done that in forever!

Stacey Schneller said...

Good list. We love to go fishing and will be going again soon. Hope you have a great week.

Kwizgiver said...

There is something about shopping at a leisurely time, instead of rushing to get everything squeezed in on the weekend.

Carole Julius said...

There's a great drive-in in Wellfleet but it's a haul, even for us. A staycation is a great way to rest and recharge.

karen said...

there is so much around here locally as well that we have not tackled as of yet and should! We have a staycation coming up in August. I need to fill it with stuff.

kathy b said...

Ohh I Love the zoo. I have to work on that one

kathy b said...

Ohh I Love the zoo. I have to work on that one


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