Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10 on Tuesday - The Summer Edition

Ah - summertime!  It's a short season for us here in the northeast so we do our best to cram in as much as we can while we can do it.  So I present to you "10 Things On My Summer Bucket List"

1.  Stash Dash.  I talked about this already.  I'm at about 1800 meters so far.  That's lot of knitting and spinning to go.  I worked diligently over the weekend as evidenced by the above photo.
2.  Go to the movies.  We saw Pitch Perfect 2 last night (it was good but not as good as the first one).  Next on the list is Jurassic World.  I have heard mixed reviews on it.
3.  See fireworks.  We see them every year right in our own back yard but I like to go see the professional ones.  We have tickets to the Pawsox game on July 3rd and they will have some so that makes me happy.
4.  Have cotton candy.  One of my favorite childhood summertime memories was going to the fair and getting some.  I don't do rides anymore so just the cotton candy will do.
5.  Make our annual trip to the Cape with our wonderful friends.  They rent a house for a week out in Chatham and they are very generous and invite us to stay for a few days.
6.  Tour de Fleece.  I have some large spinning goals this time around (I have to justify those fleeces that I bought this year and get my older ones spun).  And that helps my Stash Dash goals as well.
7.  Go to the Jersey Shore.   They are having a Memorial Fun Run to benefit the fund set up for my brother's three children.  It will take place in south Jersey so I'm looking forward to going back there.  I don't think I have been there in over 20 years.  Time does fly.
8.  Go camping.  I have this urge lately and we have the tent so I'm thinking that could be a fun weekend.
9.  Read more.  I say this every year.  Let's see if I can stay awake at night and make it happen.
10.  Simply enjoy my summer.  Last summer didn't end so well for our family and it's taking a while to recover.  But I am learning to laugh more and stress less.  Just to enjoy life because you can't take it for granted. 

Come join Carole to talk about summer time!


Bonny said...

I'm also looking forward to fireworks here. They're only a block away, so I'm going to have my chair and cold beer ready in the backyard. Happy Summer!

Anke said...

We are going to see Jurassic world this Saturday with my hubby's company. Hopefully it'll be good. I loved pitch perfect 1, plan on seeing the second one when it comes out on DVD.

Carole Julius said...

Did you say camping? Seriously? LOL. I hope you can enjoy this summer. I remember all too well the tragedy that befell you last year. And don't forget Dale and the Duds!

Carolina22 said...

Hope you have a wonderful summer! We'll be in CA over the 4th so hope to see fireworks out there.

Patty said...

Sounds like some excellent plans there for the summer. I'll bet the road race will be well attended. If it was closer I'd run it and see you there!

kathy b said...

Oh fireworks! Love pro fireworks.
Hope your summer is a peaceful and fun time for your family this year

Anonymous said...

Camping! We just bought a small camper and have been trying to go for at least a long weekend since April.

Kym said...

Oh! Cotton Candy! I loved it so much when I was a little girl . . . although I haven't had it in years now! Enjoy the summer! (It always goes so fast. . . )

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I hope you enjoy every minute of your summer Donna, and if it's too short for you then you just come on down here, it's summer until November-December!

karen said...

pretty knitting photo. I love that you listed tour de fleece, I knew that would be on the list!

Lily Whalen said...

Sounds like a lovely summer, Donna. Enjoy!

Karen Sue said...

Pitch perfect is one of my favorite movies. We watch it a lot. I share your opinion of pitch perfect 2. Looks like a great list for summer. Hubby wanted cape cod this summer but the kids chose lake Michigan. Maybe next summer. No. Two weddings and a graduation in our house.


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