Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Thank you Carole for the kick in the tail today.  Today's ToT is 10 Things I Need To Do and Stop Procrastinating.  

1.  Update my Ravelry Queue.  I have so many projects that I have started (like my socks above) and haven't listed, I have finished projects, I have ripped out projects.  I just like to have it to refer to.  It's like my knitting journal.  
2.  Clean my gardening area outside.  It's time.  The weather is finally nice.  And it looks awful.
3.  Get flea and tick treatment for the dog.  So far no ticks but I hear it's going to be a heck of a season (don't they say that every year - I think it's a ploy by the flea and tick prevention companies)
4.  File.  At work and at home.  The piles of papers are growing.  
5.  Finish spinning my brown ramboullet fleece.  I have two behind it so I need to get moving!
6.  Dig out those summer clothes.  Again - I'm still in disbelief that it's warm enough to do that.
7.  Finish my Viajante.  I started last summer and because it's so lacy it's perfect warm weather knitting.  
8.  Give my car a good cleaning.  There's still signs of winter in there (like salt and sand).
9.  Send out gifts.  I have a birthday and wedding present that I need to get in the mail.  I am so bad when it comes to sending things out.
10.  Clean off the butcher block in my kitchen.  It becomes a dumping ground for all of us.  It's time to clear it off.


Carole Julius said...

I'm terrible when it comes to mailing packages, too. And I HATE ticks!

Bonny said...

That is lovely knitting, especially with matching nails. Update your Ravelry queue, please, so I can see what it is!

Nichole Burke said...

I'm going to add one to your list... enter Lapdog Creations' giveaway for a Woodlore Cedar pet toy box & accessory mate! ;)

Paula Kaye said...

Everything on your list sounds very do-able. Good luck. I am visiting from Carol's Ten on Tuesday!

margene said...

I just love your nails and your matching project!

karen said...

the ravelry mess is mine as well. And it's virtual!!! Anyways, hope you tackle some of your items.

kathy b said...

The mail thing....we are all guilty!
I did get out in the yard today, weeded, planted seeds and seedlings

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I had to do flea treatment on the cats...foudn fleas on both boys! 'tis the season I guess!

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

You reminded me that I have two packages that need to go in the mail today.

I would rather sit in the house and relax but the kids want to spend their money and I have errands to run.

I'm with you on the flea and tick companies.


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