Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

We missed our Carole last week since she was away on vacation.  And since she was away and couldn't really catch up on our blogs and lives, she is asking to list 10 Things You Did Last Week

1.  I caught up on all the episodes of Outlander.  I feel like I am with the crowd now and not so lost.
2.  We watched the NY Rangers win the first round of play offs. We were hoping the NY Islanders would have won last night so they would have faced each other, but the Capitals won instead. 
3.  I finally had a daffodil bloom in my yard.  And never took the picture.
4.  Speaking of pictures I had to do a photo shoot for work.  The pictures didn't turn out well but we have to do another one this week so I'm hoping for better results.
5.  The Spring fiber festivities started last week.  Spinning at Mt. Hope Farm and CT Sheep and Wool.
6.  I spun 8 ounces of wool all to find out I am still short for my project.  A normal person would have just gone to the store and bought some yarn.  I bought a pound of a different fiber to spin.  Why do it the easy way?
7.  I finished a pair of of socks and started the second sock on another pair.  
8.  I spun outside on my deck for the first time.
9.  I became a Jamberry Consultant.
10.  I started to feel like it was REALLY spring for the first time this year.


Carole Julius said...

I came home to blooming daffodils - hooray! I'm 2 episodes behind on Outlander, though.

Bonny said...

A week with tons of good stuff! I hope you get more than one daffodil and that spring fully arrives and stays!

sprite said...

Darn! If I'd realized last weekend was the CT Sheep & Wool Festival, I would have headed over there. I was only 10 miles away!

Borderline Savage said...

Oh, I'm still behind on Outlander, and I don't know when I will catch up. From what I understand, the latest episode is definitely not suitable for watching while the kids are awake.

And, I love it - why do it the easy way? That made me really laugh out loud.


kathy b said...

cool Nails never heard of the company


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