Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 on Tuesday

Ah - more light in my days. I feel more alive. These are my productive months and I am enjoying it. So what am I doing with the extra hour of daylight?

1. Take more pictures. It's nice to have the option of snapping some pics at the end of the day. 
2. Work more. By accident. I didn't even leave my office yesterday until after 6. I thought it was still before 5. 
3. Enjoy the outdoors. Walks after work can resume again. 
4. Play with Mowgli. Keeping track of a black dog at night isn't easy. He will get to have more play time. 
5. Clean this house. I don't mind tidying up a bit at the end of the day. And I can see the dirt with the extra sun light. 
6. Sleep less. For me this is a positive.
7. Sit out on the deck and knit or spin.  All I need is some sun and 40 degrees.  And no wind.  The wind is usually what stops me.
8.  Start planning the garden.  Well, I'll help.  Let's be honest.  That's my hubby's thing.  He said he wants to make some changes this year after some things just didn't grow.
9.  Dye more yarn.  That's one thing I really need natural light for.  
10.  Start planning our new outdoor spot.  We are going rearrange where the fire wood goes, maybe put the gazebo back up.  Move the fire pit.  

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Bonny said...

These are all wonderful ways to enjoy the evening daylight, but maybe try to leave work before 6!

Carole Julius said...

We have several of the same things listed this week. And I know what you mean about the dirt. That extra light seems to highlight it!

Nichole Burke said...

Great list! I'm playing along this week too...

Tracey ~ Clover said...

As much as I detest day light savings time I do like that I can get outside after dinner and walk.
Now I'm just waiting for winter to arrive again. :)

elns said...

Donna, this is a good list! You made me remember a few things. It won't be so dark and scary coming home from the gym. An end of day walk/run won't seem so daunting. More light for more photos is good too:)

However I don't like that you pointed out we can see the dust and dirt better. ugh. You must never come over, ha!

Patty said...

Beautiful shot! And between the dark and the snow our dogs have suffered haven't they?!

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo (sunrises and sunsets are my thing since my name is Dawn!) and a great list too. I does feel nice to get out and walk. I've been doing that during my breaks at work and it helps to clear the mind.

karen said...

I'm looking forward to the same things, sitting outside on the patio, walking after dinner in the daylight. All good things. I love having all the seasons.


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