Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

After a weekend of blizzards, sub zero temps and now frozen pipes in my living room it won't be difficult to list 10 Things I'm Looking Foward To

1. The ice melting in the bay. Seriously?  In 18 years I don't think I've ever seen so much ice.  And if it melts it means that temps are at least close to normal.
2. Summer. Are you sensing a theme here?
3. Finishing my sweater. I'm 3 inches from being able to start my sleeves. 
4. Finishing my current book. My list is growing and I need to finish quick so I can move onto the next title. 
5. CT Sheep and Wool. It's the last weekend in April. Also a sign that warmer weather will be upon us (although that wasn't the case last year). 
6. I ordered a Magic Bullet blender to keep at work and it should be in soon. I want to drink more shakes during my day to keep the nutrients going. And the weight down. 
7. Vacation. We aren't sure where we are going yet but I have a feeling it's not nearly as exotic as it was before the pipes froze this weekend. 
8. Seeing my niece and nephew. It is tough that my brothers babies live so far away but we keep in touch all during the week with FaceTime and texting. But it's not nearly as wonderful as it will be to squeeze them in person. 
9. Finishing the Romney I am spinning. That started out about 3.5 pounds. I am down to about 2.4 pounds. It's going to be a while. 
10. Next week.  I have lots of social events happening all in one week for some reason and it will be good to catch up with some old friends.

So what are you looking forward to?  Join us at Carole's!


Bonny said...

That is a beautiful photo and I hope you get to see the ice melting in real life very soon. My sympathies on the frozen pipes (frozen things should be outside!) but I am glad you have many good things to look forward to.

Patty said...

CT Sheep and Wool seems like an excellent idea to get into the spring spirit! And soooo sorry to hear about those pipes!

Carole Julius said...

Sorry about those frozen pipes. We have ice dams and a few spots on the bathroom ceiling that indicate some water leakage but nothing more serious than that. Yet.

Liz said...

You're going to love drinking shakes... And the bonus? Using tropical fruit is sure to bring on the summer vibe until it actually warms up. Stay warm!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Lots of great stuff to look forward to... especially liking SUMMER!! ;)

Honoré said...

Sorry to read about frozen pipes; no fun! the photo is gorgeous and do enjoy the littles.


Paula Kaye said...

It seems that so many of us are looking forward to WARM! This winter has been brutal for many. Have a great week

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Oh yuck, frozen pipes are no fun. I know you're looking forward to warmer weather so you just send that snow right on down here.

elns said...

Lots of good stuff. I know your brothers peoples are not close as you'd like, but many of us do not do well with making an effort even when they are. You're lucky you're so close to your family :) I love hearing stuff like that.

Kwizgiver said...

I feel the same way about my sisters' kids, I miss seeing them and talking to them (and hugging them).

steph said...

oh those pipes! ours have only frozen once......but that was enough for a lifetime! wishing warmer weather for you....you've had quite a winter.

karen said...

I hope your dreams of a big thaw come true and that spring arrives quickly. Can't wait to see your sweater :)


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