Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 on Tuesday

Here are 10 Things That I'm Happy About. Simple and easy!

1. The relaxed feeling I have after the retreat this weekend. Friends, crafting, nature and laughing. All good things. 
2. The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!
3.  I got new yarn. Yay me. It came in the mail over the weekend and the colors make me smile. 
4. Feeling organized. I'm still utilizing all my New Years planners and apps and feeling a bit more together. 
5. My perky new short haircut. It's much easier. Easier to style and easier to keep the grey under cover. 
6. My new book list. I found a bunch of books that I have been adding to my list each week. I think I may actually get some reading done. And some of the books on my list I already own. Kinda like knitting from the stash. You get the picture. 
7. Spring is less than nine weeks away. I know it's going to be a long nine weeks though! 
8. The Oscars are coming and I'm trying to see at least half of the nominated movies. I'd love to see them all but I don't know if I'll be able to make it happen. 
9. Working on my One Word project for 2015. I really need to finish my January prompt before February gets here. 
10. My weaving project. I used stash yarn and it's coming out real nice. And I'm happy to be weaving again.

The picture above was from this weekend.  It actually looks more like a drawing than a picture and I'm not sure why.  I took with my iPhone and used no apps or filters.  But I love the look on the deer's face.  It makes me happy!

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Bonny said...

That photo makes me happy, too!

margene said...

Beautiful photo! Your list "sounds" happy. There's so many good things going on.

kmkat said...

Your photo made me do a double take. I have a good friend in northern MN who feeds the deer that come to her house. For a second I wondered why her photo was on Carole's ToT post!

mamasmercantile said...

Your photo was stunning, a real delight. It certainly made me happy.

Carole Julius said...

I love your photo! Sounds like lots of good stuff going on for you. I've seen 3 of the best picture nominees so far and I plan to see them all.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

The deer does look like a drawing, amazing!
Spring is in nine weeks? Oh my goodness, I am so not ready. :)

kathy b said...

Fantastic picture! I thought it was done with a zoom lens! Wow. Love your list.
Winter is so dark here today. Looking forward to a bit of fresh snow.

Kwizgiver said...

How nice to have a spunky new hairdo and to get some new yarn! Go Pats!!

elns said...

I love the positive tone of this post. I really would like a taste of your #4! I am in a perpetual state of needing to be more organized craft and home. This has plagued me since I was a child though.

steph said...

reading from 'the stash'....what a brilliant way to put it!!!! (great photo!!!)

karen said...

I'm trying to read from my book pile, it isn't easy when you go shopping...but I try! love your list, and glad you had a relaxing time on your retreat.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

so much to be happy about! Love the deer pic (we often have similar visits here). I'm adding to my reading list today as I visit everyone's YA posts. Sigh. There just isn't enough time to read everything I'd like to, and nine weeks until spring? No!! I need time to slow down...


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