Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cruisin - the final installment

So we left our first port of Cozumel and saw this in the distance.  Rain was coming.  But no big deal right?  This is the tropics and rain does occasionally  happen.  

It rained so much in Belize and was so rough that I didn't get off the ship to take the tender to shore.  I figured by the next day when we got to Mahogony Bay in Honduras it would be better.


But we made the best of it.  We checked out the local port, found a good bar, had a few drinks and went back to the ship.

They have the most amazing flowers growing wild.  

And just as we were leaving the rain ended.  We had one last port to visit the next day.

And the weather was perfect!

We spent the entire day in the water.  For six hours we stayed in there - they even brought drinks out to us.  It was the perfect way to end the vacation. 

So we had some sun, we had some rain, we had some relaxing and we had fun.

A perfect vacation.


mamasmercantile said...

Sounds simply wonderful. All that you want from a holiday.

Bonny said...

So glad you had a perfect vacation (despite the rain)! I still want yarn dyed with all the blues in that last great photo.

Carole Julius said...

That does sound wonderful! Isn't it ironic how rain stinks but being wet in the water is great? LOL

judy said...

Sounds like you had a relaxing vacation in spite of the rain. It is the rainy season, best know there as winter. It gets much better come February. Hope to see you Saturday?

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I love that you had the perfect holiday, just as it should be!

karen said...

what a lovely trip, I like when the weather varies then you don't feel guilty sitting inside because of the rain!

Dahle said...

Such a bummer about the rain but that first picture is beautiful! The picture of you swimming in the ocean makes me want to go to the beach so bad!!!


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