Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

One of my fears since I was little was having a house fire. As scary as it is you really need a plan. Obviously the number one priority is to get you and your family out alive. But if I had a chance these are the 10 Things I Would Save If My House Was On Fire

1. Pictures from my childhood. Once they are gone - that's it. It's probably a good idea to scan what I do have and store it in my
2. Laptop. There's more pictures stored on there as well. And what else I should do is make another
3. Backup drive. That might be easier to get than the laptop. 
4. My phone. For so many reasons. 
5. My wallet. There's so much in there that would really be a hassle to replace.
6. My iPad. Bunches of stuff stored on there. 
7. The hand knits!  I want my socks and shawls for sure.
8. The yarn. I would grab my handspun and Socks That Rock. My fiber too!  And my Lendrum wheel if I could carry it on my back. 
9. Passports. What a pain to do that again. 
10. My cameras. I would be lost without them.

What would you save???  Join us over at Carole's for the fun!


Patty said...

The passports! Truly a pain in the butt. That yarn is pretty scrumptious. I'd head back for that too!

Bonny said...

Your list is the perfect mix of heartfelt and practical. Here's hoping that none of us have to experience anything like this in real life.

margene said...

You thought of so many things that never crossed my mind, but would be very, very missed and a big hassle to replace! Thanks for making me think more logically.

Carole Julius said...

I went the sentimental route but your list is very practical. Replacing a passport isn't all that difficult, I could hook you up.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I don't worry so much about a fire, but I do have fears of tornados and hurricane's. Every year I have to take stock of my home for insurance purposes and I keep a book of things to grab in case we must evacuate in a hurry. #1..grab the book, it has all our important papers and the master list ;)

elns said...

We have a fire safe box we keep tucked in an easy to grab place with important papers like passports, certificates etc. However it's not big enough for photos ...

I like what Bonny said, heartfelt and practical. Cash and Yarn?

mamasmercantile said...

Definitely food for thought, I need time to consider but I think it would be sentimental things that I couldn't replace. Its certainly given me something to think about.

karen said...

I used to be fearful of house fires as well, I guess I'd save Frodo and my knitting bag and yell for my husband to be close behind me....Maybe I'd grab some stuff on the way out.

Chrisknits said...

Maybe keep all these things in a container and then just grab that?


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