Friday, October 24, 2014

Reunion Shawl

I cut it close but my Antarktis shawl was finished in time for last weekend. I had a back up in case I fell short but I was done by midnight Thursday. And it was dry and ready to go by Saturday morning.

As usual, I have no modeled shots. And I should have. There must have been 100 pictures taken Saturday night but not many of them showed off the shawl very well. 

I loved the way the colors blended when they were knit up. 

It actually reminded me go a larger version of Brickless. And there was no worry about doing the extra repeat - it grew so much on the last portion.  I wouldn't have had enough yarn to do the extra repeat anyway.  

Another shawl for the collection.  And on a chilly day like today I'm thankful for them!  

Enjoy your weekend!


Carole Julius said...

It's lovely. And I bet your reunion was a blast.

mamasmercantile said...

It is stunning, I am so glad you managed to get it ready for your reunion. Have a great weekend.

Janet said...

It's beautiful! I'm so glad it all worked out the way you hoped.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

It's beautiful Donna and I'm so glad you were able to wear it. I was thinking of you today as I knit on my shawl, you are my inspiration!

Happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...


karen said...

so beautiful Donna, I'm glad you finished in time and you loved the shawl. Makes for a perfect weekend!

elns said...

The shawl looks so good! I love the way the colors knit up as well. I'm so glad you got it done in time to wear.

Kelly Ramstack said...

Wow - just beautiful! What yarn did you use?


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