Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

The Fall season feels like it passed me by. I had good intentions of taking lots of Foliage pictures but never got around to it. Then I walked out of my office yesterday and noticed this tree. And it reminded me to slow down. Take a look around you and just enjoy being. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend to simply BE. 


mamasmercantile said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Happy Halloween, enjoy your evening.

Carole Julius said...

Excellent advice.

Janet said...

Thanks for the reminder. It's easy to get lost in the rush and forget to notice little things that can make us happy. Autumn colors are one of those things for me. Enjoy your weekend!

Bonny said...

I think there's still plenty of fall left, at least that's what my oak trees tell me because their leaves have just started to turn and they've hardly dropped any. Wishing you a relaxing and restorative fall weekend!

karen said...

good advice donna and I'll take it to heart and just BE. Lovely tree!!


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