Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This week Carole's Ten on Tuesday was to pick a piece of furniture and write 10 things about it.  I thought about it and realized that the most used piece of furniture in my house these days is....my camping chair
1. Is used for everything but camping. I haven't gone camping in a couple of years.  I'm trying to convince hubby we need a camper. He's not going for it.  
2. It's where I sit to spin. Inside and out. 
3. I also knit there too. It's seriously the most comfortable chair and the perfect height.
4. It has the coolest little table attached to it. 
5. It has tons of pockets on the side.
6. It's super light.  Which is why I take it everywhere with me.
7. I bought it at Harbor Freight to use for spinning outings. 
8. The darn car has put holes in the bottom of it. Brat. 
9. It looks like a folded up wheelchair when I have it in the car which kinda scares me.
10.  It's not the original one I wanted.  They sold a nice fancy one at TG Maxx that was all pink and pretty and had a strap.  But sadly they were out of stock last year.  So I have this one.  And I'm pretty happy with my chair.  


steph said...

what a hoot that you picked a camping chair!!!! but from your description----I think I need one, too!!! Have a happy spinning week!

Gale NoName said...

I am with Steph. All of the chairs inside my house are too tall for spinning comfortably. What a great idea.

Carole Julius said...

And that's why this is a great topic - because everyone's choices are different. Who would have thought you'd pick a camping chair?!? Love it!

Karen said...

I'm trying to talk my hubby in to a camper as well. told him it is the only way I will camp - getting too old for tent camping and sleeping on the ground. I don;t want a huge one - something little just really to sleep in.

Leslie said...

I have a camping chair that I love too, but it doesn't have a table or pockets I think I'm jealous.

margene said...

A chair you can carry anywhere you go has many stories to share! Good choice!

Bonny said...

This looks like the perfect chair, and I can see why it's your favorite. The only thing that might make it better is a nice cold beverage on that table!

Susan said...

Hey, you're right, camping chairs *are* the perfect height. I'm kinda short, so they are really very comfortable for me. I like the nifty sidetable--now that's useful. You've inspired me to drag out one of our camping chairs and give it a try.

elns said...

I love your camping chair! The table really is so special.

Maybe my husband will let me have one next year for camping. No camping this year unfortunately, but other good things of course :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Great details about your chair Donna, I love it. We have camping chairs that are used to just sit around in the yard or else they go to the beach, never camping.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

We keep our camp chairs in the back of the car all summer long. So convenient and a terrific invention! Love that yours has a table. Too bad TJ Max was out of the one you wanted. :(

#9 -- I think things like that, too, from time to time...

xo, Lisa :)


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