Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 on Tuesday

I really had to sit and ponder a bit about this topic.  I came to the conclusion that I don't move around so much!  So I give you the 10 Thresholds I Cross Every Day

1.  The bedroom into the hallway.  On some days.  Some days I fall asleep while knitting on the couch and stay there.
2.  I cross from the living room into the bathroom.  My tiny bathroom.  With the dog who insists I may disappear if he doesn't go in there with me.  
3.  Then I go from the bathroom (with the dog following close behind me) into the kitchen.  I fill up his water bowl then go into the
4.  Dining area.  His food is in the cabinet in there.  He gallops behind me as we go into the 
5.  Living room.  His big old feeding area is there.  Then I wait 36 seconds for him to finish his breakfast and we go out
6.  Onto the deck.  Some days I sit and have an ice iced coffee and knit while he runs around.  Some days (during the week usually) we are back inside to we can
7.  Get ready for work and then we cross from the kitchen into the front entryway (tiny mudroom) and then
8.  Out the front door.  And we are off to work!
9.  I walk into the building into the reception area.
10.  And then I finally land in my office.  I stay there most of the day and get up to move around a bit.  My office is pretty big and has a nice window that opens and I knit at lunchtime so I can stay put and be happy. 

And there you have it.  Sort of.  If I want to get specific - my house is an open floor plan.  The kitchen, living room and dining room don't really have thresholds, but for this ToT we will pretend they exist.   

Come join us over at Carole's.  


Carole Julius said...

Pretending they exist works for me. I don't have many thresholds at the library but my house and office at the COA are old so there are plenty there!

Bonny said...

This is such an interesting topic and I love the differences in everyone's thresholds! Most of the rooms in my old house have two doors so I'm surrounded by thresholds but your open floor plan sounds lovely, especially out onto the deck with an iced coffee!

margene said...

Your floor plan sounds much like mine and since it's fairly modern the thresholds are uninteresting. It was nice to follow you through part of your day.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I think you did a great job with this topic. I have sat and thought about it from my point of view, it's hard.

Chrisknits said...

My home is much the same, open doorways or archways. Right now its the constant in and out with my sister's puppy that is making me move more.


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