Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

May is a crazy month in our home.  Anniversaries, Mother's Day and lots and lots of birthdays.  Birthdays are wonderful (especially our own) and here's 10 Ways to Wish Somebody a Happy Birthday:

1.  Flowers.  Always pretty.  Always cheerful
2.  Even better - a plant.  Maybe flowers, maybe herbs or veggies.  This is easier during those Spring and Summer birthdays.
3.  My personal favorite - knit them something.  
4.  If the birthday recipient is a knitter, then spin some yarn. 
5.  Take them out for drinks.  Always a fun time.
6.  Make dinner for them.  This is my hubby's specialty.
7.  If they are a crafty person, buy them a Craftsy class
8.  Bake for them.  I never refuse baked goods.  
9.  Go to tea and shopping.  Here. I promise you will both love it.
10.  Love.  Give them lots and lots of love on their special day.


Bonny said...

What a wonderful list! I'm embarassed that I forgot #3 on my list, but that's probably because I'm not usually done knitting the gift until well after their birthday has passed. Gorgeous lilies!

Carole Julius said...

#10 is the best one of all!

Jen said...

Great ideas! All of them! This weekend we are having a small 1/2 birthday party for Ree. Because her birthday is in December....and this year she got a baby sister just 2 weeks before...we are having her family party in June. She chose a flower theme so instead of gifts we asked everyone to bring her a flower. She loves flowers! :-)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I also do numbers 2 and 3 and 8. Oh and 10 too, always try to do that every day.
Hope your day was lovely.

katie metzroth said...

this makes me think of a thing I read online the other day...flowers don't worry about what the flower next to them looks like, or compare themselves. They just bloom. :) Enjoyed your list.
I love lists. :)


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