Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The three day weekend was wonderful.  And Memorial Day weekend is my favorite three day weekend because it is the beginning of the summer.  And it usually falls on my birthday.  So lots of reasons to be happy.  So what did I do?  Here's 10 Things I Did This Weekend:

1.  Celebrated the birthday.  Me and my best friend Lisa celebrate together every year.  Hers falls on the 24th and mine on the 25th.  We went to Twin River and saw one of my favorite bands.  Till about 3 AM. Saturday was a tired day for sure.
2.  Obviously slept a little later than usual.  It felt pretty good too.
3.  Had a wonderful birthday dinner prepared by the hubby on Sunday with lobster tails and steak.  It was heavenly.
4.  Went to an arts and crafts show with Nicole.  She bought a ring and I got a bracelet.  It felt great to be outside in the sun.
5.  Got some flowers planted in the flower boxes and planters.  Finally.
6.  Spent lots of time outside with the dog.  Now that hes around 18 months old he is getting better about staying in the yard with us.  Our last dog would stay out there for hours and never leave.  This little guy liked to wander last year so we weren't sure how this would work out.  He is getting the hang of it though.
7.  Worked on my latest shawl.  It's a bit confusing and I about ripped it all out Saturday night but calm thoughts prevailed Sunday morning and I was able to work through my mistake.  More details on that tomorrow.
8.  Went out for ice cream.  The first trip to the Moose Cafe of the summer.  And the first trip in a while since cleaning up my eating.  It tasted wonderful even though it was sugar free.
9.  Got a pedicure.  It had been a while and I just love sitting in that seat getting my feet rubbed.
10.  Relaxed a bit.  Other than going out Friday night we had no planned activities.  It made for a peaceful weekend and I'm ready to face the week.  Well, except the cold I caught.  Oh well - it was almost perfect.

How was your weekend?  Join us over at Carole's!


Tracey said...

How fun to have a friend to share a birthday with and it sounds like you had a great time.
I had ice cream too and ate the whole pint all by myself and I'm not even sorry.

Mary said...

sounds like a lot of fun, well except for that lousy cold! hope you're better soon to enjoy the summer!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely weekend - Happy Belated Birthday!

Patti Miinch said...

Happy belated birthday!! It sounds like you had a perfect start-to-the-summer weekend. Ice-cream and birthdays and lots of outside time -- sounds ideal. :)

Christy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Birthday!! What shawl are you working on?

Carole Julius said...

Sounds great except for the cold. Hopefully that won't last long and hooray for summer!

Bonny said...

Happy belated birthday! I wonder if some more steak and lobster tails would help you get over your cold faster? :)

Patty said...

Sorry about the cold! Sounds perfect - spending time with all the best people and excellent food! Belated Happy Birthday!

karen said...

happy happy birthday to you! Hope the cold is a thing of the past by now!


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