Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Cricket

A few years ago I got the weaving bug and bought a 32" rigid heddle loom. I made quite a few things with it but because it's rather large and takes up some room I wasn't using it much. 

Then I saw the new 15" Cricket loom that had recently came out and loved it. It was large enough to make something substantial but small enough to be portable. 

So this has been my new toy and what fun it has been. 

This was the yarn that came with the loom so I played around with that. 

I love that you can have a scarf in a couple of hours. 

A new project went on it this weekend. You should be seeing some finished pictures soon!


karen said...

looks like you have a fun new toy to play with. Love the colors that you used!

Tracey said...

Well, not only do we have spinning on the list, now we need to add weaving to the things I would like to learn from you.
I have a little table top loom that still looks exactly like it did when I bought it. I do have a book on weaving and probably sound really dig deep and learn this craft.
Have fun Donna.

Linda said...

So pretty! Love the colors of it... And now I want one of these looms too! I have been thinking about getting one for years now. Like the size of this one!

Linda in VA


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