Sunday, April 20, 2014


Yard work (ok - y'all know I wasn't the one doing THAT)
Let me rephrase - supervising yard work
Checking out what's growing and what's not
Sitting by the water and knitting 
Trying to keep the dog from going into the water
And of course there was a visit from the Easter Bunny.  He's quick at our house - he drops it all in a basket and let's us pick what we want. Such a smart bunny!

How was your weekend?


karen said...

Happy Easter! I'm slowly catching up with "stuff" after a crazy weekend!!

elns said...

Ooo, a great weekend! Such pretty photos of the outdoors. I would love to knit by such pretty stream. I'm a fan of the Lancaster candies. You have a good Easter Bunny!

Linda said...

I wish the Easter Bunny would have dropped off some candy (or money) at my house - LOL! I don't do yard work either! I just watch my husband from the window!

Linda in VA


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