Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 On Tuesday

We got some more Spring like weather this past weekend which meant we spent some time outside. Carole's ToT this week is coincidentally 10 Things I Like To Do Outside. Let's see...

1.  Listen to the stream in the back yard.  This time of year is the best because there aren't leaves on the trees to muffle the sound and it's so much louder than in the summertime.
2.  Knit.  This seems so obvious but the natural lighting makes my eyes happy.
3.  Spin - of course.  I love to sit and get some sunshine while I listen to my Podcasts and spin away.
4.  Have a fire in the firepit.  We haven't done this yet, though most people have.  It's simply too windy by us (another downfall about living near the water - the constant wind) and it's not really safe.
5.  Hang clothes outside.  I love how they smell after being in the fresh air.
6.  Eat dinner on the deck.  There's nothing like a good dinner on the grill and getting to eat outside.
7.  Hike.  We were just talking about going real soon.  The mud season should be almost over.
8.  Play with the dog.  He loves being outside and it's hilarious to see him run till his hearts desire.
9.  Go to the Farmer's Market.  We have an indoor one all year, but the outdoor ones just seem more authentic to me.
10.  Take pictures.  I find it so much easier to capture good shots outside.

Do share - what do you like to do outside?


Kym said...

Great list! The sound of water is so soothing. So nice for you to enjoy in your own backyard.

Christy said...

I love the sound of water,relaxes me so much. What a beautiful back yard. I wish mine was bigger so that I could really use it.

Patti said...

I so agree with you about the sound of water -- love it! I miss being able to hang clothes out on the line (not allowed in my planned community) and may be doing that again soon! Wonderful list!

Tracey said...

You have a stream! I have always wanted a stream running behind my home.

I have been working in the yard every day now that spring is here, there is still much to do, but it's looking better.

Carole Julius said...

Lots of similar things on our list - no surprise there, right?

karen said...

my husband would love a stream!! playing with the dog outside is the only way to play :) I also love outdoor photographing and I tend to see more with the camera in my hands.


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