Monday, March 24, 2014


The weekend seemed to go by in a blur.  I really feel like it was Friday only yesterday.  But alas it is Monday and I did have an interesting weekend.

I took an amazing class with Amy King of Spunky Eclectic.  We learned about spinning yarn for sweaters, how to spin it to get gauge, how much to spin, making swatches and samples.
It was an excellent class.  And yes, I already have the fiber and plans for the next sweater.  We won't discuss the one that is on the needles right now.

I went to the farmers market, which I usually forget about on Saturdays.  The baked goods were wonderful.

I stayed up way too late but got some knitting done.  And a bit of spinning.

Started writing appointments in the calendar and realized that April is next week.  How did that happen?

I attempted to start planting my seeds.  Hubby got all my planters ready but I wasn't feeling it.  Maybe Wednesday.  When it snows.

Hubby also caught this from the wood stove.
After listening to him rattle around the chimney all day he just opened the door and hoped he would fly out. He did.  The cat and the dog chased him.  Hubby caught him and set him free.  We aren't sure how we didn't get soot on the walls but we didn't.

So how was your weekend?


karen said...

that is one lucky bird! He has a strong heart to have all that stress of feeling captive and then to fly free. Sounds like a fun class you went to. Happy Monday!

Carole Julius said...

I wasn't waiting to see if you had roast chicken for dinner! LOL.

Susan said...

What a nice weekend! The spinning class you took sounds like it was excellent. (And, my what a beautiful wedding ring set you have!) I had the same thought yesterday about April being next week. It filled me with happiness--I made it through March, which always seems like the longest month of the year to me. I can't wait to get digging in my garden. It must have been quite an exciting moment when that little bird was flying around your house!

Janet said...

Sounds like an interesting spinning class. I really like the yarn colors in the your photo.

Tracey said...

Your spinning is so pretty Donna, and how fun to take a class in something you love to do.

Oh my, poor little bird, thank goodness he is now free. My dogs would have been berserk if we had a bird in the house.

April IS next week isn't it?!! Oh, guess I should get to those taxes.


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