Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Some years I watch the Oscars.  Some I don't.  This year I actually saw some of the nominated movies so I had some interest in it.  Here's my thought for 10 on Tuesday.

1.  Love that selfie.  Love how they broke Twitter trying to retweet it.
2.  Jennifer Lawrence was awesome in American Hustle (which was such a way different role from Katniss in the Hunger Games). I was hoping she would win the award for best supporting actress.
3.  I was happy for Lupita Lyong'o that she won instead and loved her speech.
4.  Speaking of speeches I loved how Jared Leto talked about his mom.
5.  Speaking of love - I could look at that picture of Bradley Cooper all day.
6.  Kim Novak -ummmm what?
7.  I got teary eyed when they honored all the people who passed away this past year - especially when the first one was James Gandolfini.
8.  Seriously John Travolta?  All ya had to do was pronounce her name!  But at least we are all getting a good laugh out of it.
9.  Darlene Love - you go girl!
10.  I will have to go watch 12 Years a Slave now.

I could go on and on...

What were your thoughts?  Join us over at Carole's!


Carole Julius said...

Tots agree on Darlene Love and Kim Novak. I admire actresses that age gracefully!

Tracey said...

Did you like American Hustle? It been on my I want to see list.

Janet said...

I enjoyed the part of the Oscars that I was able to watch, but I didn't make it through the whole thing. Loved the photo.

margene said...

The selfie was the best as was Lupita Nyong;o. Love the fashion show aspect and that 12 Years a Slave won!

hillary said...

I totally agree with you on Jared Leto's speech. I also got really sad about James Gandolfini. Did you see Enough Said? If you like him then you should.


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