Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Thursday

I'm in a random mood.  Ideas zipping through my head - I'll put some down here.  Maybe it will organize my thoughts a bit.  Maybe it will be entertaining.  Maybe it will totally prove I have adult onset ADD (I didn't have it as a child - I was the kid who could sit with a book for hours and be happy).

1.  Ingot is done and is blocking.  I had to rinse it in vinegar about 8 times to stop the yarn from bleeding.  It was ridiculous.
2.  I'm sure the cat is sitting on it while I'm at work today.
3.  I got a reminder today about a sweater spinning class I'm taking with Amy King in 2 weeks.  I'm so excited.  I also just realized that there goes my resolve to not buy any new fiber till CT Sheep and Wool.
4.  I was considering going to see the Yarn Harlot in Brookline on Tuesday night.  I'm not sure if I'm up to battling Boston traffic on a Tuesday evening.  But I really want to see her.
5.  Nicole and I got the Fitbit Flex over the weekend and we are having fun with them.  While she can get to 10,000 steps easily at work it is definitely a challenge for me.  And that makes me go for a walk, which is a good thing.
6.  I'm wearing my orange Brickless today and I still love it.  I want to knit another one.  But since I want it to be teal, I think I will spin some fiber I have and use that - using stash makes me excited.
7.  I am really wanting to knit Viajante - another Martina Behm pattern.  It uses lace weight yarn and I do have some in my stash.  Still pondering the whole thing.  Might be a good summer project.
8.  I think I will plant my seeds for my Dye Garden this weekend.  We still haven't quite figured out what part of the yard I am taking over for this project.  Or how I am keeping the dog out of it.
9.  Did anybody read about this 18 year old who is suing her parents?  Entitlement much?
10.  I convinced my mom to go with me to the new Paint and Vino next month.  She really knows how to paint and does it well so I will probably leave there feeling like a slacker.  We should have some good laughs though.

So what's new with you?


karen said...

Random is a good thing, like you I'm thinking of lace weight projects over heavier ones, I've been trying to spend more time outside and walking a bit, but I do not own a fitbit yet. The sun is shining but it's still freezing outside. I think we will hit above freezing.

Like you I would hate to fight city traffic for anything, good luck deciding!!

Deborah Hamilton said...

I advise you to go if you possibly can. I saw her in person and she is absolutely hilarious and such a friendly person. We had a chat on the elevator on the way up. We just happened to be on it at the same time. About the girl taking her parents to is she affording an attorney if she can't pay for her own college?

Tracey said...

I wish I lived next door to you Donna and we could go see Stephanie together, I want to see her too. I downloaded her newest book yesterday and am loving it.

I did hear about the 18 year old! I can't believe it even made it to a court room, unbelievable!

Christina said...

I would encourage you to go see the Yarn Harlot if you can, she is hilarious.

I cannot believe that girl is suing her parents $650/wk, that is completely ridicules, cannot believe it is even being entertained by the courts.

Chrisknits said...

I have a friend who marks her steps, when she is needing extra she dances around her house. I am thinking I should try the same. But then my dogs might wonder what's wrong with me. LOL

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Random. I'm feeling that way a bit, too. List making sure does help to organize my mind. :) Lots of wonderful knitting adventures seem to be in your future! My dreams have been filled with projects created with lighter weights of yarn these days and I'm so excited to get myself started on a few (but not until the current WIPs are finished!). About the young lady...shame on her. I can not imagine!


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