Sunday, February 2, 2014


Peace and Creativity surrounded my weekend.

-we celebrated my dads birthday (a couple of times in fact)
-Cedar Leaf is complete and needs a good blocking
-swatching for my Ravellenic project is complete and worked on the first try
-I got out in the warmer weather to take some photos
-I also got wet muddy feet while doing same (reminding me that mud season will be here shortly)
-I broke out the dyepots and did some experimenting
-I got some markers and did some experimenting in meditative art
-my stash has been gone through and put in a pretty new cabinet (old cabinet, new place for it)
-I read a bit (audio book)
-a new project was cast on
-a project never took off (recycling yarn from a sweater which I showed you Friday. The yarn was too weak to reuse)
-not much TV was watched and peace was wonderful
-but of course football was watched

How was your weekend?


Carole Julius said...

Creativity is good for the soul. That football game was pretty lame, though!

karen said...

please post a photo of the new cabinet! I'm curious :) Love your weekend!!

Tracey said...

I am curious about the meditative art you did, can you talk more about it?

Not much tv watching here either, thank goodness.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Being in Washington (a couple hours outside of Seattle) there is much happiness over the outcome of the game, but it was indeed boring to watch. I need to organize my yarn... Hope you share a pic of that new cabinet!

Lisa :)

Gale NoName said...

What's your Ravellenic project?


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