Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

Looking back at last year I can say there was a fair share of ups and downs.  But it's all about being positive today so I give you:

10 Favorite Moments of 2013
(OK - so they are technically not "moments" but they were my favorites)

1.  Nicole graduating high school.  I was happy to see her start her new journey to college.  They forgot to tell me that the hardest part of parenting was yet to come - parenting an "adult".
2.  Meeting my puppy for the first time.  My heart melted.  I knew he was meant for our family.

3.  Going on our cruise.  We hadn't taken a REAL vacation in such a long time and this was very much enjoyed!

4.  Our mini getaway to the Cape.  I'm looking forward to it again in August.
5.  Nicole becoming a certified CNA.  I have  mentioned that she is going to school for nursing and this was a great way to "get her feet wet", so to speak.  How many college students get to have a job in the field that they are studying for?  She loves her job.  And that makes her parents very happy.
6.  My new nephew.  It had been 10 years since we had a baby in the family.  Did I mention we are getting another one in a few months? And no - I am NOT expecting, thankfully my sister in law is doing the honors again.  TWO babies under 14 months old!!
7.  Getting my tattoo.  The actual moment - kinda painful.  The end result was worth it.  And yes, I am getting another one.  Not yet though.  I'm still working on the design.

8.  Running/walking my first 5K.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment.  My running days came to an end because I re-injured my back.  I have degenerative discs in my lower back and running with all this extra weight probably wasn't smart.  So it's back to walking for a while.

9.  Going to my first Patriots and Celtics Game.  Both in one year!
10.  Christmas knitting.  I know - I'm crazy.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed knitting for everyone and seeing their face when they opened their presents.  It was my favorite part of Christmas for sure.
What were some of your favorite moments of 2013? Join us over at Caroles!


Bonny said...

Wow; 2013 looks like a very good year! From babies and tattoos to your wonderful daughter and your wonderful Christmas knitting, these all look like wonderful moments. Here's hoping 2014 is filled with many more!

karen said...

I remember each one of them!!! Such milestones and how quickly the year flew past!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful year! And yes - parenting an adult child is sometimes challenging.

Tracey said...

You had a wonderful year and I bet 2014 will be even better.
Congratulations to your daughter, what a great girl!
I love your tattoo. That is the design I want to put on my wrist bone, you know, have the yarn where that bone sticks out? Now I just need to work up enough nerve.

Carole Julius said...

Great recap of the good parts of 2013. Here's to many more for 2014!

Beverly said...

what a fun year you had!!

elns said...

I loved the post on the year's favorite highlights with yours and your family's good times. Very fun! I know what you mean about the feeling of accomplishment for the 5k. There's something about the events that really make me happy. I'm doing a run/walk with my sister this weekend. It's good to listen to your body and do what you can, it's just great to be out there, right? Don't frighten me with the adult children parenting thing, I'm barely hanging on, with only one kid at 10. I need a handbook ... or 5.

Susan said...

*Loved* this post! Puppies and babies and cruises and nurses and running and knitting--that's what I call a wonderful life! : )Wishing you even more fabulous moments in 2014.

EMMA said...

Your puppy is too cute!!


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