Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Fiber

So I looked back at the blog, Ravelry and Instagram for 2013 and you know what I discovered?  I suck at documenting my projects.  I think I captured most of what I did, but I had to look all over to figure it out. Isn't that what Ravelry is for?  Here were the actual counts:

Socks - 13 pairs complete
Shawls - 2 (much lower that I had thought)
Sweaters - 3
Scarves - 5
Slippers - 7
Blankets - 3
Hats - 4
Stuffed animals - 3

That's 40 projects completed.  Not too bad.  I didn't even go back and look at what I spun.  I didn't do a lot of spinning but I certainly bought enough fiber in case I wanted to!

I don't really have any goals for 2014 except to document projects better.  And use up my hand spun.  I have an entire bag that I really want to dig into.

Oh and one other goal - not to buy any yarn for a while.  I have enough of that.


Jen Precourt said...

I love the new blog look!!! And gorgeous that a picture from the new camera? I need to go back and see what I finished in 2013. I always like to do that at the end of the year!

debby emadian said...

I'm even worse Donna I haven't put any projects on yet. That must be a new years resolution to start posting on Ravelry and then keeping up to date.

Susan said...

Wow--that's a productive year! (I suck at documenting my projects, too. I always forget to update my Ravlery page.)

karen said...

Holy cow did you knit a lot!!

Janet said...

You were very busy in 2013! I also have a goals this year to knit from stash and handspun. :-)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Very productive year!!! I'm cheering you on about the no new yarn for awhile... I've already failed in the new year. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by I look forward to visiting here again! LOVE to find other yarn addicts. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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