Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 On Tuesday

Mentally I still think of myself as a kid.  Well, maybe not a kid, but certainly not a 47 year old.  Then I sit back and say "hey, wait...".  So today I present 10 Things That Make You Feel Like A Grown Up.

My brother and I in 1970

1.  My job.  I'm responsible for making sure my employees are paid, bills get paid, customers pay us, seeing how profitable we are, etc... real grown up sorta stuff.
2.  Being a mom.  Nothing makes you feels more adult than when your own kid becomes a legal adult.
3.  Paying bills.  No explanation needed.
4.  Owning a home.  I can make it however I want and don't need to ask permission to do so.
5.  My pets.  I can have as many as I want and nobody can tell me otherwise.  Common sense makes me stop at one dog and one cat.
6.  Perspective.  I was thinking yesterday how your perspective changes as you get older.  The things that were important when you were in school (like fitting in) don't really matter when you become an adult.  And that is a wonderful thing.
7.  Learning new things.  Learning is a part of everyday life especially when you're a kid.  When you become a grown up you learn about things that interest you.  And realize that maybe you should have paid better attention back when you were in school!
8.  My hobbies.  When I was younger I would never spend as much time on my hobbies.  Those days were filled with being with your friends and doing teenage things.  These days sitting home with my hubby and watching TV while I knit or spin is a perfect night.
9.  Being married.  It will be 25 years in May and some days I still feel like we are playing house together.
10.  My parents.  As they get older the tables are turning - I worry about them as much as they have worried about me all my life.  They left my  house rather late on Saturday night after the game and I was nervous about them driving in the fog and rain and made sure they texted me when they got home.  Kinda like I do to my daughter.


Bonny said...

Excellent list, and I really like 6 and 7!

Patty said...

Oh so many "sames" here! #7, #8, #9, #10! Happy ToT

Carole Julius said...

I love how thoughtful your list is, you hit the nail on the head with so many of these.

Tracey said...

I love this Donna and your list is spot on.
I always think of myself as 17, but then since I am my age {50} I get to do really cool stuff I couldn't do when I was a teenager like get a tattoo that my Dad never would have okayed.

elns said...

I agree very much, except I wish I owned my own house. My husband is the business owner, despite him saying half of his half is mine, it's all vicarious ... I argue because I'm a peon at my job, I have no control, unlike him. I'm at the mercy of others. It's a fun "debate".

What makes me feel the most like an adult is being able to define which days are lazy and which days aren't. My son would like to make them all lazy days, bah, kids these days! ;)


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