Monday, December 2, 2013

Stunt Buttons

The sweater was completed in November.  Task accomplished.  Checked off the list.  One less Christmas present to complete. All that was left to do was sew on the buttons and get it blocked, both of which had to be done in a stealth fashion.  You see, as I was knitting on the sweater my husband never even asked what I was working on.  However, once he saw the buttons I knew he would figure it out.  He has been asking for a sweater with toggle buttons like that for years.  So I had to be all sneaky about it.

I started sewing them on and realized something.

I had five buttons.  I made six button holes.  I was one button short.  That's OK - I could order more.  They arrived a day later (cause some Etsy sellers are great like that).  But the new buttons are way too small.  I obviously did not measure correctly.  So these are fondly known as "stunt buttons" - you know, the kind that will do the job until the "real ones" show up.

To be quite honest, I think the stunt buttons are going to work.  Even though there is an extra button hole it's really not needed.  I'm leaving the sweater as is and my hubby can decide if he wants a sixth button or just leave well enough alone.

Onto the next project......


Carole Julius said...

It looks great! And done is better than perfect so I say leave those buttons alone.

Deborah Hamilton said...

The sweater is very pretty, and the buttons look fine. He is going to love it.

Tracey said...

Wonderful Donna! I love the idea of stunt buttons and will have to remember that for future use.
My husband would like a sweater too, but there is just no way I can make it before Christmas, maybe next year.

Bonny said...

I love everything about your sweater, including the yarn and stunt buttons! I like it so much I had to stalk you on ravelry looking for more details. Is the yarn a Knitpicks tweed? I will definitely be knitting this for my cardigan-loving son. Congratulations on a terrific sweater!

karen said...

love love love the buttons! I like the collar of the sweater and I think my husband would love that sweater design. Would you believe he only owns ONE cardigan???


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