Thursday, December 12, 2013

So It Goes Something Like This

Every year, around September or October, I start giving some thought to who I am going to knit Christmas gifts for.  I come up with a doable list, knowing full well that it is going to grow.  If it's a good year, I'll start knitting in October.  On an off year - November.  This was a good year.  I started in October (we won't discuss the fact that those projects socks aren't finished yet) and I got a sweater done, a couple pairs of slippers, and a couple other pairs of socks.  All good right?

Here's where it all goes crazy-pants.  Good organized knitters look at their list, stick to it , and motor on.  I would be what you call an ADD knitter.  In other words, I get distracted easily.  That's not saying that I don't finish the task at hand - I usually do.  But it doesn't stop me from being distracted from all the "ooh.. shiny" projects out there.  Like this one. I happened upon it yesterday and within 20 minutes I was at the yarn store grabbing some Cascade 220 and large double pointed needles.  There are a few people on my list that MUST have these.

I had never used Cascade 220 before and I have to say that I am impressed.  For something that is going to felt, it is pretty soft.

So yes - the elfing has begun.  Felting will commence tonight.

Lot's of ends to weave in, but do you really have to weave them in if they are getting felted?  Can you just cut them off afterwards?

I know they resemble hot Italian peppers right now, but these are going to be cute.

I may have to make a pair for myself.


Nancy said...

Ooooh, that looks like a FUN knit -- can't wait to see them finished.

Maureen Sklaroff said...

LOL! I am also an ADHD knitter. My Ravelry queue is sooooo long wtih projects I want to do (and now includes some elf shoes, though for who, I don't know yet).

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

ooooo! I am so tempted to knit a pair or two or three, but I am going to take my ADHD meds and stick with what's already on my needles. :) Can't wait to see how yours turn out, though! No yarn along post from me this week, I'm too busy with everything else life is throwing my way and trying to finish projects for Christmas. Happy felting!

Carole Julius said...

I'd still weave the ends in before felting. And those are going to be wicked cute!

karen said...

cascade 220 is a nice basic yarn that never fails to make me happy! love your festive carefree spirit during the holidays!!


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