Friday, December 20, 2013

Naughty and Nice

I saw this on Karen's blog and had to steal it.  I'm all about lists so let's see what items are on each one:

-the upcoming weekend
-my shopping is all done
-most of the wrapping is done too
-I'm not panicking about the knitting situation - yet
-a snow free, and kinda warm few days ahead
-family coming to visit soon for the New Year holiday
-unexpected party to go to tonight
-my family - hubby, daughter, parents, brother, etc... I'm so grateful for them this year

-I have done no baking and I'm not even sure how much I want to do
-my car is a mess; salt and sand everywhere
-Mowgli eating 4 ornaments.  I'm not sure who needs time out - dog or daughter since it happened on her
-the house needs a good cleaning
-my daughter just found out that she has to work on New Years Eve which kinda puts a crimp in the plans

I'm not sure which list kitty should be on - Nice because she's so pretty or Naughty because she should NOT be on the kitchen table.

What's your list looking like these days?


Deborah Hamilton said...

I made my lists, too!

karen said...

Love love love your lists :) I'd put the kitty on both that is what I did with the chocolate cookies :) have a good weekend!

Carole Julius said...

Fun list and a great idea for a post. I may steal it for Monday!

Tracey said...

There has been no baking here either, but on a good note the tree is up and has lights! It's very warm here today, 78, and I for one would love a good cold front! Merry Christmas.

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Cute kitty photo!
I hope you get to do all of the things you want to.
Wishing you a merry Christmas xx

Liesl said...

Such a cute idea. Cookies would be on my nice list but eating so many of them would be on my naughty list. :)


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