Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I'm in denial but Thanksgiving is about 2 weeks away.  We host it every year so this is my holiday.  Hubby does most of the cooking, but I'm all about the side dishes.  And here are my 10 Favorite Side Dishes for Thanksgiving.

1.  Onion Shortcake.  Its actually cornbread with corn, onions, and cheese and it is delicious.  I make this every year.
2.  Stuffing.  My mom makes this with sausage.
3.  Mashed potatoes.  The kind with tons of butter and cream.
4.  Sauteed baby portabella mushrooms.  My hubby does this one: saute the whole mushrooms in butter then add breadcrumbs, garlic and a  little balsamic.
5.  Yorkshire pudding.  I usually make this when we have prime rib, but I have made it the last couple of years for Thanksgiving.  I love those little pop overs!
6.  Caesar salad.  We get the box mix, but it tastes great.  In the summer we actually make dinner out of that alone.
7.  A veggie tray.  In the shape of a turkey.  Nicole does this every year.
8.  Gnocci with pesto sauce.  We're Italian. Pasta has to be served.
9.  Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.  Not my favorite, but everyone else seems to like it.
10.  Fresh cranberries.  I love making this simple dish.

Share your ideas over at Carole's!


Deborah Hamilton said...

That veggie turkey is so cute! Please share your recipe for onion shortcake. Thanks!

Carole Julius said...

Love that veggie turkey! The rest of your menu sounds fabulous, too.

KnitNana said...

I'm with Carole - that veggie turkey is cool. And we all have to have our ethnic traditions in this, of course! Italian sounds wonderful to me...

Bridget said...

Oh that vegetable turkey is great - I would never ever think of that!

And now I really really really want some onion shortcake. Please place some in the mail to me ... ;-)

Tracey said...

Oh would you please tell how you make Onion Shortbread, it sounds wonderful.
My mom and aunt spent all weekend making ravioli's for the holiday season, my aunt is married to an Italian. I just wish I lived closer.

Dee said...

Oh my that sounds good ......all of it.

Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving.

karen said...

I love that turkey tray! I might have to borrow that idea since my whole family loves to eat raw veggies.

Cute list.

kathy b said...

Your veggie turkey is adorable.

My mom always made bourbon sweet potatoes and the cousins still make it and talk about it!


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