Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekending and 10 on Tuesday

Coincidentally - they happen to be the same this week!  10 Things I Did This Weekend

My weekend started Friday night.  Nicole got tickets to a concert in Boston and me and my friend Lisa took them there.  So we dropped them off and did some shopping.  And eating.  Of course.
Cheesecake Factory is amazing.  Besides the delicious cheesecake, their portions are crazy big.  My dinner has been recycled 3 mores times for lunches.

There was lots of shopping over the weekend at various times.  Even though I ended up leaving this in the store, I thought it was adorable.
I didn't really have a good place to put it.  Well, a place that I thought the dog couldn't reach.  I could easily see this becoming his next chew toy.

Speaking of the dog, our cousins came to visit.  And they brought their dog, who is 2 weeks younger than Mowgli.
Two puppies all weekend equaled exhaustion.  For all of us.  Mowgli slept all of yesterday.  They got along great and wanted to do nothing but play.

I downloaded some books from Audible.  I think it's the only way I'll get any reading done.

We went to the Italian Feast in Providence.
The food was incredible.  I think they have the best canollis I have ever tasted.

I finally got a pedicure.  I had to wait at least 3 weeks after getting my tattoo.  Of course I went to the extreme and waited 6 weeks.  I  no longer had toenails, but talons.  It felt great to get some pampering.
There was obviously knitting all weekend.

And of course catching up on podcasts.

There was some relaxing on Monday.  And no guilt about it whatsover.

And there was an early morning drive to drop off Nicole's sweetie as he was deployed till next Summer.  We are grateful to him, all the other sailors and servicemen/women who sacrifice so much so we can live the life we do.

I can't believe it's Tuesday already.  I'm ready for another weekend.


karen said...

I can't believe it's Tuesday as well. Time keeps whizzing by. Love your weekend knitting which looks very Octobery to me :)

KnitNana said...

Cute knitting! It was nice having a guilt-free day off, wasn't it?

Carole Julius said...

I always knit when I'm getting a pedicure, too. Sounds like a fun weekend, I'm jealous about the cannolis.

Carole Julius said...

Oh, and I also meant to ask - how is Nicole doing? poor kid.

Leslie said...

You hit all the bases, Home run!


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