Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 On Tuesday

Anybody who knows me can attest to the fact that I am never winning an award for the most immaculate house.  It's lived-in.  It's clean for the most part but nobody would want to eat off the floor.  There's dog hair, and to be quite honest - I'm not spending that much time cleaning it. The Board of Health doesn't need to be called, but I only have so much time in my day.  And a lot of that time - I'd rather be knitting to be quite honest.  It all gets done eventually (with A LOT of help from my husband) but here are the 10 Chores I Hate Most.

1.  Cleaning the tub.  It kills my back.  I don't do it.  This is my daughter's job.  When she moves out I will be getting a cleaning lady.
2.  Cleaning out the refrigerator.  Thankfully hubby does this most of the time.  Let's just say that me and smells don't mix.
3.  Taking out the garbage.  See #2 about smells.
4.  Changing the cat's box.  I rarely do it - it's my daughter's cat so it's really her responsibility.  I have to help once in a while but thankfully not that often.  Or cat would be outside.
5.  Weeding.  Or anything else outside that requires me to touch dirt or get near bugs.  Not.  Happening.
6.  Dusting.  Oh the sneezing.
7.  Cleaning the windows.  I can't ever make them look good.  Streaks all over.
8.  Cleaning out the hall closet.  Well, it's not really a hall closet.  It's in the middle of my living room and it's long and skinny.  Worst closet design ever.  But it's where all miscellaneous items end up so it's always looking like a landfill in there.  I think an IKEA trip might be in order just to fix that closet.
9.  Cleaning my car.  My dad lives to clean his car.  His car is rarely dirty.  That gene skipped me entirely.
10.  Putting away the laundry. Again - closet issue.  I do have a really large closet in my bedroom that needs to be organized so I'm thinking this would make this chore a little easier to do.

So what chores do you hate?


Jen said...

Yup to the tub; I don't mind cleaning out the refrigerator; garbage is husbands duty; we don't have a cat but I do clean the birds cage; I don't mind weeding; I hate dusting but only because it always makes me & Ree sneeze; windows get done once a year with hubby's help; I Never clean out the closets; same with the car; I don't mind the laundry; I hate washing the floors. I actually REALLY like doing the dishes by hand. But hate putting them away!

KnitNana said...

The smells involved with stuff get to me, too!! Great list. Hope you get that cleaning lady one day. I think I'll ask Santa for one.

kathy b said...

oh I hate weeding too!

kathy b said...

oh I hate weeding too!

Carole Julius said...

I bet putting some time into organizing your closet will pay off in huge dividends. Good luck!

margene said...

Anything that can be described by the word "chore" is low on my list of "likes". :)

flyingjen said...

Pretty much your whole list, although I would say bathroom instead of tub. I don't mind weeding though. I'm waging a war there. And the litter box, I'm the only one who does clean it and rather obsessively at that.


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