Thursday, August 22, 2013


A couple of weeks back I decided to join Diane at Knitabulls and Yarnivore for their Brickless KAL.  The main reason I jumped on the wagon was because I had some yarn in the stash that I thought would be perfect for the project.  I was partially right.

I really love this pattern and if you get the chance to knit it, definitely go for it.  It was easy enough to memorize and had enough variety to keep it interesting.  I used a variegated yarn which came out ok.

The yarn I used had so many colors it's hard to see the pattern.  And it was kinda hard to photograph.

I can say for sure that it will probably match most anything I would wear.

I tried it on briefly but it was way too hot to grab a photo.  I will definitely take more pictures when it gets cool enough to wear it.

Next time I knit this I will use a tonal instead of a variegated color yarn.  My plan is to dye some over the weekend out in the sun.  I'm thinking of an orange shade.

I know - I have a thing for orange lately.  I guess I'm looking forward to Halloween!


Janet said...

Your Brickless is so pretty and I love the colors in your yarn. Not sure what it is about the pattern, but it is really nice to knit. I started another one right away. :-)

Jen said...

So pretty! Very Fall looking colors too! This humidity can go away & stay away now! It's awful. And thank you for the idea of having Ree paint yarn with koolaide! I have some yarn waiting to be dyed & probably have some koolaide around too. We'll have to do that one of these days. Help teach her that things take some time to do!

karen said...

it is hot isn't it??? I cannot stand wool on me this week. lovely shawl and I've got to add this pattern to the queue!


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