Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Couple of Days Away

Our best friends (did I mention I have been friends with my Bestie since we were 5 years old?) rent a house on Cape Cod every year.  They generously invite us to spend a couple days with them.  And so we did.

Being from NY I am not real familiar with the Cape.  I have been to P-town a couple of times, went to Falmouth several times, but every trip has been a quick one and I haven't been able to really see what it's all about.  It reminds me a lot of the Hamptons (minus the attitude) with all the small shops and beach towns. And that's just what we did - small shops and the beach!

There was a cute Farmers Market in Chatham that we loved.  We bought some hand made soap - for the dog.  It's supposed to be helpful with itching, and he has been a real scratcher lately!

Best chocolate cream pie ever at this place.  Oh - and Lindzer Tarts, in the shape of a shark.  Speaking of sharks, we loved the beach.

It started out a little overcast but it made for a great beach day.  And no - there were no sharks.  There were some seals (which I couldn't get a picture of) but the Harbor Patrol were right behind them searching for sharks and came up with nothing.  Apparently the sharks were at my beach yesterday instead.  And when you're at the beach there must be knitting.

And how could I knit on Makai while at the beach?

It was a great couple of days away and we already have next year's trip planned.


Carole Julius said...

Sounds awesome and I know right where that pie shop is!

kathy b said...

THe soap will probably work for the dog's itchies.
Looks like a great time with great treasured friends. I have to knit at the beach too

karen said...

can I be friends with them too??? How nice to get away and be with friends and knitting at the same time.

Patty said...

Congratulations on going to Marion's Pie Shop! Looks like a wonderful time.

Jen said...

I'm a life long Rhode Islander and have never been to the Cape! My husband is appalled with that & keeps saying we're going to go. We just haven't made it there yet! It looks like you had a beautiful time!


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