Tuesday, August 13, 2013

10 On Tuesday

When I first read the prompt for today's 10 on Tuesday I didn't think I would participate.  It's summertime and I don't spend much time in the kitchen.  I guess I'm lucky because that's my husbands favorite room in the house as he does most of the cooking.  But I thought about it and had no problem coming up with suggestions.  So here's 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

1.  My Panini Maker.  I love this.  It's great for making melted sandwiches and anything else you might want to grill and not go outside to do it.  When we used to go camping this always came with us.
2.  Kitchenaide Mixer.  I even have my grandmothers (it needs some repairs) but my mom bought us a new one a few years ago and we use it at Christmas especially for cookies.
3.  Ice Cream Maker.  Fun Gadget.  Don't use it too often but I still love the way the ice cream tastes.  Like nothing you will ever get in a store.
4.  Ice Shaver.  Summertime favorite.  Except my favorite flavor is Cotton Candy and it's hard to find now.
5.  Garlic Press.  Especially the one from Pampered Chef.
6.  Toaster Oven.  It may not be a gadget but I couldn't live without it.
7.  Apple Slicer.  My husband keeps wanting to throw this away but I will be using it next month when we go apple picking.  It's great to make applesauce especially.
8.  Crockpot.  Love it!
9.  Kuerig.  It's perfect for us because I don't always drink coffee but hubby does so he can make himself one cup.  And with the filter we bought he can use regular coffee which is cheaper than the k-cups.
10. Remote control meat thermometer.  OK - so this one isn't MY gadget, it's hubby's.  He can clip the thermometer to his belt while he has meat on the grill (or oven) and work in the yard or the basement.  He thinks he's so cool.

Well, that was easy.  Can't wait to see what everyone else likes in the kitchen.


Carole Julius said...

That meat thermometer sounds epic.

Patty said...

My thoughts exactly! Got to find one of those. That Panini maker is pretty sweet too!


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