Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 On Tuesday

I really do love summertime despite all the complaining I have been doing lately because of the heat.  But seriously, if I have to spend my summer in air conditioning because it's too humid to be outside, I do not expect to be dealing with snow covered roads during the winter.  I could live down south if I wanted a hot hot summer.  I'm complaining again aren't I?

So here are my 10 Favorite Summertime Treats

1.  Snowcones.  I just turn into a big kid during the summer.
2.  The beach.  Specifically dinner at the beach.  I love to go to the ocean when the sun is setting and enjoy dinner, which is usually some fried chicken.
3.  Knitting on the deck.  I wait all year for this.  I love the natural light and watching the birds while I'm creating.
4.  Staying up late.  Nicole is out of school during the summer and we have fun staying up late and watching movies or just catching up on the DVR.  She's working now so we haven't been able to do it much.  Boo.
5. Going fishing.  Or clamming.  I haven't done much fishing the past couple of years but I want to try and rig up the poles before the end of the summer.  Even if we just fish off the dock.  It doesn't look like we will be putting the boat in the water this year.  Hubby has been working non-stop lately.
6.  Hanging around the firepit.  I can't believe we haven't done that much this year either.  I love it even more when marshmallows are involved.
7.  Going out to the Cape.  Our best friends rent a house in Chatham every year and we are lucky enough to get invited.  It's fun to explore different areas out there.  Growing up in NY we spent a lot of time in the Hamptons which is very similar, so the Cape feels like home to me.
8.  Outdoor fairs and carnivals.  Cotton Candy anybody?
9.  Drive in movies.  How can you beat a double feature?  Where else can you find that?
10.  Waterfire.  Click on the link to find out what it is.  If you are a local, you need to do it at least once.

Joining Carole for the fun!


margene said...

I feel drawn to the beach this time of year, but as you know, I'm a little landlocked. I love summer, but that doesn't mean I don't need a little cool off treat. Anything icy gets my vote. Nice list, Donna!

Bridget said...

Now I have cotton candy on my brain ... :-)

kathy b said...

I too love knitting on my porch as you love the deck. I wait all year for this TOO!!!!

Sounds like we share lots of Summerlovin things!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Waterfire is so pretty! Wow, I haven't had a snowcone in ages.

Patty said...

Great list! We are close enough so we really need to get to water fire one of these days! You'll have to tell me where to eat when we go. :-)

Karen said...

Mmmmm snowcones! I haven't had one of those in years!

Carole Julius said...

How about a corn dog to go with that cotton candy? mmmm.

Jen said...

I love waterfire!!! We haven't gone yet this year due to the heat & I really don't think I could walk around yet. I'm getting more & more energy so hopefully in August. I always love to get a dough boy & cotton candy there. My favorite summer RI tradition!!

katie metzroth said...

I love ice cream in the summer, but when The Husband asked if I wanted any tonight, I was like, "hell no! - I didn't work out til I was literally dripping sweat to eat ice cream." I may have over-reacted......a snow cone sounds really good right now.

Miu said...

Waterfire sounds amazing, I wish I could go there!


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