Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 On Tuesday

The weather quickly turned to summer, and of course it makes me crave ice cream.  Well, that's partially true because I can crave ice cream in February during a blizzard.  I remember growing up that my grandfather had to have a dish of ice cream every night.  Well, he lived to 96 so it couldn't be THAT bad for ya, right?  So I blame my addiction on him.

This weeks 10 on Tuesday is 10 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings.  This is an easy one for me, especially since our latest favorite place to go is Orange Leaf.  If you haven't gone, you need to.  It's all self serve.  You can have as much or as little frozen yogurt as you want and add whatever toppings you love most.  And for the most part, it's a healthier choice than most places since you control the portions and toppings.

So onto those toppings.

1.  Hot fudge.  No explanation needed there.
2.  Marshmallow.  Especially if it's combined with:
3.  Peanut Butter.  Oh yum!!!
4.  Reese's Pieces (since we are on a peanut butter kick for the moment).
5.  Hot caramel.  I love love love the hot caramel sundae's from McDonalds and am thrilled that they brought them back.
6.  Cookie Dough.  The little tiny drops they have at Orange Leaf are so yummy!
7.  Sprinkles.  Yes - sprinkles.  We do not call them jimmies where I come from.
8.  Heath Bar pieces.
9.  Chocolate Chips - white or dark is fine by me.
10.  Whipped Cream.  No sundae is complete without it!

Well, I know where I'm going tonight....


Kim said...

Hot fudge seems to be universally loved. I really love the contrast between the hot, gooey fudge and cold ice cream.

Anonymous said...

We haven't tried Orange Leaf yet, though we have tried other chains of froyo - they are getting to be as numerous as Dunkin Donuts around here. (And, yeah, I'm from the part of the country where we have at least one DD on every corner and where we say jimmies.)


Patty said...

I chose political correctness but we do call them jimmies! ;-) My grandfather ate a bowl of ice cream every night too. I loved the frozen strawberries in whatever brand he had.

Leslie said...

Quite the variety....

Beth said...

Whenever I spent the night at my grandma and grandpa's, I'd get to have a bowl of ice cream while we played Yahtzee. Very fond memories!

Carole Julius said...

They are JIMMIES. Just sayin'. Whatever you do call them, they are a great topping.


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