Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yarn Along

I didn't forget about my beloved blog.  We have been trying to settle into a different schedule with the new family member and blogging kinda fell towards the bottom of the list.

But there has been some knitting.  I am working on the second pair of gift socks.  A simple picot edge sock with some of my hand dyed yarn.  This yarn has been several frogged projects but this is the winner.

I am big fan of pooling.  And I got it to pool exactly the same way on both socks so far.  Don't ask how I did it.  I won't ever be able to duplicate it.

I have a feeling the matching pool will end when I get to the rest of the sock, but it's OK.  I love that the ankles  match.  After this I am working on another project with my hand spun yarn.  I might even have a blog post on it tomorrow.

And for some added cuteness, here's my office helper today.

Joining Ginny as always.

Happy Wednesday!


Carole Julius said...

Those look like perfect Easter socks! Although, hopefully we won't need wool for Easter, right? Right! Cute puppy!

Becca Huben said...

Pooling is so interesting! OMG your puppy is adorable!

karen said...

OH OH I love Mowgli!!! He has such a sweet soul, you can tell. I'm glad that you have him. I am amazed you can pool yarn equally, I don't think I can do that at all.

Nat at Made in Home said...

Il ov the yarn colour way! The puppy is so so cute!


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