Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 On Tuesday

This week's 10 On Tuesday was a simple one for me.  My family has this conversation often, and hey - you just never know...

10 Things I'd Do If I Won the Big Powerball Jackpot

1.  Call my attorney.  Pronto.  The next phone call would be to my step-mom who would do the investing for me, since that's what she does for a living.
2.  I'm not terribly attached to my house, and we still have a lot of work to do to it, so I'm thinking I would sell it and buy another one.  With a huge garage for hubby, lots of land for the dog (and the rest of the critters I would probably get), a separate apartment for Nicole, and a fiber studio for me.
3.  Give to my family.  I would want my parents to be able to retire (my dad already is, my mom, step-mom and step-dad all still work).  I would make sure they had enough money to do that and enjoy life.  We would do the same for my in-laws of course and my aunt and uncle.
4.  Of course I would take care of Nicole.  College would be paid for and a trust would be set up for her when she reaches a certain age.
5.  Research the charities that I would want to support, or perhaps found my own.
6.  While I would quit my job, although I love it, I could do without the daily stress.  I would probably start my own business (fiber related for sure).  At least I could control the stress if it's my own.  I just don't ever picture myself NOT going to work.  I would only have to be there part time, because I could hire all the help I need.  And I'm sure finding some friends employees wouldn't be difficult.
7.  Buy a motor home.  I would love to pack everybody up and head west and explore that part of the country.
8.  New cars for all.  I don't really have a dream car.  I seemed to have lost that gene, much to my father's dismay.
9.  There would lots of travel.  Italy and Hawaii would be at the top of the list.
10.  I might even need to buy a vacation home or two in those places.


Teri said...

Numbers 9 and 10, check and check.

Carole Julius said...

The problem with still working would be that it would hamper the ability to travel. That's the main reason I would quit my job. Great list!

KnitNana said...

Good list!! It's fun to dream isn't it?

Kim said...

I love the idea of starting a business. Giving back by providing employment.

Leslie said...

Caring for family, tops on the lists, and travel for every one - I think it's neat.


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