Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Are Ya?

Sorry for the blog silence for a while. I have been without my laptop - hubby's crashed and he relies on it for work so I gave him mine to use. I would normally post from my office computer early in the morning but it has been crazy busy so I have had no time to post or read your blogs either.

So what's been going on? We enjoyed winter break (break for Nicole - I only took 1/2 a day off, again - it's just been busy). It's fun coming home to a bunch of teenagers everyday. I have been doing some early spring cleaning and rearranging. I created a new fiber space for myself.

I still have most of my stash in my upstairs spare room but I have such great sunlight in that space that I'd like to use it more.  

I have both my wheels accessible now. I'm selling my Kromski Polonaise as much as I love it. I will definitely miss that Woolie Winder! But it needs to go to a good home where she will be used.

Lots of knitting to talk about but that will get a post of its own! Probably more than one! Have a great day.


Carole Julius said...

Looks like a great spinning and fiber spot!

karen said...

welcome back! love the space you carved out for yourself. Good to know you have lots more fiber hidden somewhere. Mine's in the bedroom closet :)


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