Thursday, January 17, 2013

iPhone To The Rescue Again

Yeah - it's another Internet free morning. But we carry on....

One of my 2013 Goals was to do more volunteering/charity work. When Nicole was younger and I worked far less hours I did a lot more volunteering. Especially at church and at her school. I enjoyed it and it was a good feeling to know that I made a difference, even if it was a small one.

Nicole's boyfriend will be deployed on a submarine in a few months. We aren't sure how long he will be gone. She is getting used to the idea and at that point she will be graduating high school, starting her summer college work and working. She will be busy and time will pass quickly.

We got to thinking about all the military wives who are left behind, especially those who are technically single parents for that period of time. We found an organization online - Support Military Spouses (and if I were posting from my computer I would give you the link). One of the things they do is ask for you to fill a shoebox with items that a wife might like to receive. Most of them are busy tending to the needs of their children and rarely pamper themselves. So we packed up a box and its almost ready to go. I want to knit a couple of dish cloths to add to it over the weekend.

We included some nail files, some pretty wind chimes (not pictured), hand lotion, room spray, candles and some other fun goodies. The only problem is that we are running out of shoebox room!


Jen said...

What a wonderful project! Years ago when I was teaching CCD we filled shoeboxes for the soldiers. I never thought about the spouses needing little pick me ups while they are sacrificing for their husbands to be away!

Carole Julius said...

That is a wonderful idea.

Libby said...

What a lovely idea and so thoughtful of you both

Miu said...

That's a great idea!


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