Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Check out the icicles hanging from the roof at my office.  2013 has started out in a cold way!  But getting back to the point of my story....

A new year.  I love the new year.  It's a blank slate in front of you and you can write the story.  Here's some of the chapters I'm going to work on.

1.  Take care of me.  This sounds so simple. As women (especially as moms) we have a tendency to nurture others.  I have no problem doing for others but feel so selfish when I need or want to do something for myself.  Time for a change.

2.  Knit at least one sweater for myself.  I have a few patterns that I like.  I keep putting this off, mainly because my size seems to change all the time - up and down!  If I knit an over-size raglan the size won't be as crucial.

3.  Adopt a dog.  It's been 10 months and I do miss my dog.  We are thinking that Spring would be a great time to look for another one.  While I would love a puppy, I'm not sure if I have the energy to do it again.  Hubby wants a puppy - I am leaning towards a dog.

4.  Knit my hand spun stash.  2012 was the year of knitting the sock stash.  2013 needs to see my hand spun get used.  And I have a bunch.

5.  Get a grip on my craft room.  We have 3 bedrooms in our house.  We only need 2 for our family.  I have basically taken over the third with my yarn.  Nobody seems to mind.  But I need to make it my own, so to speak.  It has a huge closet too!  And it needs a total make-over.

6.  Watch less TV.  We have that darn thing on all the time.  I'm sure if I turn it off I would have more time for.....

7.  Reading.  Every day.  Even if it's only a page in a magazine.  My book stash is almost as bad as my yarn stash.  Hubby is mostly to blame for that.  I pretty much refuse to buy a book unless it's in digital format anymore.  I just don't have the room for more books.

8.  Finish my Evenstar shawl.  I got off to a good start this past summer but got carried away with my spinning and subsequent Olympic knitting.  I don't want it to sit in that basket too long.  I probably won't get to it until the Spring.

9.  Volunteer more.  I am feeling the need to give back more.  I'm not sure which direction is pulling me.  I did a lot of work with single moms for a while and enjoyed it.  I'm kinda feeling a pull towards helping military families right now.  We will see where it takes me.

10. Be happy.  At times I am surrounded by, errr, miserable people.  It's easy to fall in the bucket with their attitudes.  Happiness is an attitude.  And I intend to keep it up.


Carole Julius said...

I think your chapters sound perfect for you and I wish you the best as you pursue your goals this year.

margene said...

It's very, very cold here, too! I'm so glad I have hand knits to keep me warm. Many of your goals for the year speak to me and are on my list, too. Good luck with 2013 and most of all ENJOY it!!
Happy New Year, Donna!

Beth said...

Great list! This is also my year to take care of myself.

karen said...

I think you can do these goals! I am planning on going through some books as well. I have too much. My own yarn stash is okay but what I inherited -ahem- from 1998 is a bit much. I need to go through that as well. Happy new year!!!!


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