Monday, January 21, 2013

10 On Tuesday

What a fun 10 On Tuesday this week! It's 10 Things You Always Have In Your Car.

1. My current knitting project. You never know when knitting opportunities will arise.
2. Baby wipes. My baby days are long over but I have an issue with sticky hands (we will get into how I wouldn't let Nicole have a lollipop until she was around 5 years old at another time).
3. Phone charger. I use my phone for everything and am subject a dead battery at any time.
4. Change. I always keep extra money in my glove box for Dunkin Donuts.
5. Medical kit with band aids, gauze, alcohol wipes, etc...
6. Blanket. The kids usually use it to snuggle with but I just like to have it if we go to the beach or if I need to sit on something.
7. Mittens. I got into the habit of keeping them in the car when Nicole was playing hockey and lacrosse
8. One of my hand knit shawls. To keep warm in case of emergency.
9. My sunglasses. My eyes are so sensitive as I get older. Crazy huh?
10. Ice scraper. Look outside. Need I say more?


Carole Julius said...

Kym was saying - and she's completely right - how different our lists would have been a few years ago when we were carting kids around. Hello! Cheerios and baby wipes!

Jen said...

My eyes are SO sensitive to the sunlight that I always need sunglasses when I'm driving (or just outside). And the sun on the snow...well even the sunglasses don't help too much! I try to keep a blanket in the car...but Ree always insists that whichever one is in there is her "favorite" and needs to be in the house. Then we forget to bring it back to the car!

Patty said...

I forgot to put knitting because as you said - God forbid you get stuck somewhere and don't have it! Great list Donna!

Miu said...

I do not even carry around 10 things in my car^^


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