Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

This was perfect timing  Carole - I am starting on my list of cookies to make this year. I have a feeling after today that my list is going to grow! I have slacked a bit in the last few years due to just plain being busy, but I plan to fit it in this year for sure.

10 Favorite Christmas Cookies

1.  Struffoli.  These are Italian honey balls.  My grandmother baked hers instead of frying, which I like much better.
2.  Butter Spritz Cookies.  These are my moms specialty each year.  She even takes some and dips them in chocolate and sprinkles.  Some even get put together with raspberry jelly.  Those are Nicole's favorite variety.
3.  Almond Crescents.  One of my hubby's favorites.  His mom would make them for him every year.
4.  Linzer Tarts.  My hubby's aunt would make these every time he would visit.  His cousin tried to carry on the tradition after his aunt passed away.  She is a great baker, but these cookies do take some time.  And his cousin said "I don't love you THAT much!"  She was only joking, but these are a rare treat.  My mom now makes them for him for Christmas each year because she knows how much he loves them.
5.  Vanilla Nut.  These are so simple.  You just mix the ingredients and roll it into a log, refrigerate and cut when needed.
6.  Sugar cookies.  I will admit to buying the slice and bake if we are under the gun and want to make pretty decorated cookies!
7.  Sesame Cookies.  Harry's cousin is a pro at making these.  Just a hint of sweetness make these a great cookie to go with coffee.
8.  Cream Cheese Snow Caps.  I don't make these quite as often as I used to simply because their shelf life just isn't that great. But they are yummy and just melt in your mouth.
9.  Wine Biscuits.  I'm not sure if these qualify as real cookies, but they are sweet and addicting!
10.  Meringue Cookies.  Another simple one.  But oh my gosh are they sweet.  My best friend Lisa and I would make these on Saturdays while we watched her brother.  There would be none left by the end of the day.

Sorry these don't have links, but most are family recipes that are on index cards.  I'm happy to share if anybody wants, so just let me know.

Happy baking!


Mary said...

isn't it wonderful how many of the recipes are so well-loved they count as gifts! my grandmother would make my dad lebkuchen and when my husband was younger, I always gave him his own tin of wedding cookies. I'd love your wine biscuit recipe - that one sounds like it's right up my alley!

Carole Knits said...

Those all sound great but wine biscuits? You need to post the recipe for those!

margene said...

I'm having trouble reading through everyone's lists as I can't them. Maybe the meringue?

Nichole said...

Glad I'm not the only one loving the almond crescents!


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